How To Spot The Best SEO Reseller In India?

Most of the digital marketing agencies find it a daunting task when it comes to staffing people who can perform a quality work. This is the industry where being creative is the most important factor to churn out successful content that gets users’ interest. Most agency CEOs bet their bottom dollar to hire a prolific who is capable of producing high-quality content for their marketing houses.

Needless to say, hiring such talent is not only backbreaking but also sends the company budget through the roofs. If you have been struggling with the same reasons while trying to keep the ROI of the company up, then surely it’s time to look for marketing agencies in India who offer SEO Reseller programs.

It is well-known that the modern age SEO is all about the content. If you are one operating in this particular niche, you will be well aware with all the rolled out updates of Penguin and Panda. Ranging from backlinks to likes, this is a battle which is only won by quality instead of quantity. Since Google is very strict regarding quality issues, make sure that the SEO experts you hire for your company are well-updated and know all the Google likes and dislikes.

Here are some of the important points that you should know before hiring an SEO reseller in India for your next project.

1) What techniques do they adopt for creating backlinks?

It’s worth to meet your next prospective agency or make a video call to get an explanation how they create backlinks? These marketing agencies offer several reseller packages and it’s important to ask several questions as much as you can when it comes to backlinks. If you found any backlinks that are shady by the Google or an article submitted to various directories, then you should skip to the next SEO reseller to partner with.

2) What is the quality of their own social media page?

It’s important to ensure that SMO (Social Media Optimization) services are included in their service packages. Do they have ample knowledge how the social media works? Backlinks which go through social media networks that Google crawls better than any nonsocial backlink. If the answer is no, your hunt for a perfect partner is not over.

3) How good are they in the writing skills?

Considering content quality is the most important thing for Google, it’s crucial for you to check out the marketing activities done by your marketing company using the content. A service provider who understands the writing style better and offers the content that captures user’s attention is sure to offer quality services. If it’s not like, it’s good to give them a pass.

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So if you are serious about your customer’s success and the kind of results they achieve with your SEO services, it’s important to partner an SEO reseller who is efficient and modern in their approach. Cheap automated SEO practices are only going to get your clients penalized by Google and other search engines.


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