A View of Hosting Images Separately While Using Email Creative on SaaS Based Application

Affiliate selling has become a base of on-line selling. it’s been the medium of success for several networks and magnified ROI quite considerably. in line with notable analysis firm, “total sales quantity generated through affiliate networks in 2006 was billio¬£2.16 within the uk alone.”The key of affiliate or performance selling is that it depends on monetary stimulation to drive sales. due to that it’s been growing year by year quite considerably.

Offers and Creatives
Offers ar soul of affiliate selling associated Creatives ar an integral a part of any offers. a correct artistic will enhance traffic quite severely.Advertisers transfer Creatives for affiliates. Affiliates transfer Creatives from their panel. They invariably utilize artistic files in their campaigns to push provide, therefore having sturdy set of Creatives can boost the performance of a proposal.Creative may be many varieties admire

Image banner
Flash banner
Test Link
Email artistic
Hidden quality

Outline of various kinds of Creatives in an exceedingly SaaS primarily based Application

a)Image Banner
Image banner may be a acquainted artistic on the web.*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png files may be used as Image Banner.

b)Flash Banner
Flash Banner is said to made Media Flash Files solely. It should be in an exceedingly *.swf format.

HTML Ad is most suitable choice to feature artistic. Through markup language ad one will add custom artistic code and may transfer any markup language supporting image. within the macro one will specify wherever to feature the affiliate’s trailing link. means that the link is redirected to landing page.

d)Text Link
Text link may be a normal link anchor that contains easy decision to action text. Admin user will insert the macro within the anchor tag to come up with trailing links for affiliates.

e)Email artistic
Email artistic is simply like markup language Ad. Email artistic has been wont to show markup language code in associate email artistic.

f)Hidden quality
A file that’s accessible within the network however affiliates cannot use it for promotion.

How to Host pictures whereas victimisation artistic as Email Creative/HTML Ad
Advertiser will host artistics like markup language Ad and Email Creative in an exceedingly notable SaaS primarily based performance selling application. Let’s clarify the method of hosting pictures one by one.

Implementation of Hosting pictures
While making a proposal an artless is critical. Assume to push the provide Email artistic is uploaded within the provide artistic.

Assume Landing Page computer address of the e-mail artistic is

Masked computer address of the the e-mail artistic is

While making new provide, simply offer the Landing Page computer address and cloaked computer address consequently.

While making the new provide simply transfer the e-mail artistic as artistic and 2 pictures ar being hosted one by one within the provide artistic.

More clearly Advertisers will host 2 pictures one by one within the application.

Process of Hosting pictures in an exceedingly SaaS primarily based Application
1)To transfer artistic, Click on the inexperienced [+] button.

2)After that simply offer name and opt for Email artistic as kind. Then click on the save artistic button.

3)Now simply click on the Attach a File button and transfer the e-mail artistic.

4)After uploading the e-mail artistic, within the href a part of the artistic Code simply input “”. it’s sort of a. at that time update the artistic Code. “tracking_link” implies that redirected to landing page computer address.

5)Now for hosting pictures simply click on the Attach a file button once more and uploading pictures one by one.

6)Images ar uploaded with success.

7)Now click on the file name severally.

8)After that simply copy images’ computer address severally.

9)After repetition the images’ computer address, simply paste it at the image supply (img src) within the artistic Code.

10)After that simply click on the update button. pictures ar hosted with success.

In this fashion advertizer will host pictures in an exceedingly notable SaaS primarily based performance selling application referred to as Adwalnut. It provides all the on top of portrayed method quite handily. it’s an ideal affiliate trailing application by that advertisers will run their campaigns quite expeditiously. It includes more advanced options like further provide computer address, Masked URL, S2S, twenty six E-commerce Parameters, Alert then on. Therefore, Adwalnut not solely provides simplicity however additionally helps to scale your business to higher level. therefore moving to Adwalnut {is no|is not associatey|isn’t any} longer an choice however a strategic necessary.

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